Dreams Spun from Shadows (maiafay) wrote in little_details,
Dreams Spun from Shadows

High-tech Underground Bunkers

I have a question regarding underground bunkers - particularly underground bunkers designed for long-term use, high-tech, and would be home to the President of the United States in a world-altering catastrophe.

I tried googling underground bunker, high-tech bunker, refuge, and came up empty except for one article which wasn't that helpful.

Does anyone know where I could find info on infrastructure, ventilation systems, etc.? Theoretical is also fine if none of these facilities exist (I think they do, though).  This story I'm working on is Science Fiction, in the Resident Evil universe. Even though it's fan fic,  I want to be as accurate as I can with the setting and what might go wrong in these types of structures. 

Tags: ~architecture, ~catastrophes

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