Cas (aella_irene) wrote in little_details,

St. Petersburg in 1812

When: 1812, during Napoleon's invasion of Russia
Where: St. Petersburg

Terms searched: St. Petersburg 1812, Napoleon's Invasion of Russia, (I have found books, but they are all very expensive!)

Scenario: A minor British nobleman, (son of a Duke), is attatched to the Embassy in Russia, and living there with his wife and children, (two daughters, eleven and sixteen. There are also some sons, but they're all safely off at school). During the Invasion:

1. Was there panic in the city, or were people reasonably sure that, even though Napoleon had taken Moscow, he couldn't get to St. Petersburg?

2. Would the father of the family be considered irresponsible if he didn't get his wife and children, out of the city? Or would it be considered the safest place possible?

3. Would there still be entertainments being held, (Balls, etc.) or would everyone be staying in their own houses, worrying?

Thank you!
Tags: russia: history

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