anorangecrush (aorangecrush) wrote in little_details,

looking for Astronaut disqualification and heroin info

Setting: Louisiana. I haven't chosen a specific date yet but I'm leaning towards 1998

Searched: yahoo, google "Astronaut disqualifications", "What disqualifies prospective astronauts", and for the info on heroin I searched yahoo, google and

My questions are:

1)What would disqualify a astronaut candidate?

and since i don't know much about the program i have to ask even at the risk of sounding stupid

2) Once disqualified, are they just unable to space travel or are they unable to enter the astronaut(NASA?) program all together?

3) How is heroin sold? By the gram?

4) Does anyone know how much a gram(?) of heroin would have sold for in Louisiana in 1998?

5) How much use could 1-2 people get out of one gram(?) of heroin if using it intravenously? Is that one shot each or more (yes I know i sound stupid).

6) About how long could a heroin addict who's been addicted for about 5+ years go between using?

7)Is there any terminology for heroin use or drug use in general(concerning the use of..., purchase of..., etc) that I should know?

8) Can anyone recommend any good websites where I can find more info on astronauts or drug use(specifically heroin)?

9)Is there anything else i should know, about either subject?
Tags: usa (misc)

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