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Help with regrowing a garden?

Setting: Fictional town, Present Time Japan.

To be completely truthful, I've had the idea for this story for a few years now(since '05), and so have been trying to do research for it on and off over that time. I've glanced at some books, and tried my hand at google and wiki. Though it seems my searches have been fruitless, hence the reason I'm asking for help here.

I'm writing a story, where a character wishes to fix up a garden. It was her mother's, and had been exceptionally well taken care of for a very long time, but when her mother left, the garden was left completely untouched(for around 12 years). The people living in the home wouldn't even go passed it if they could avoid it.

Now, this girl has grown up in the city(Tokyo), and knows nothing about flowers or herbs, or growing them. Her best friend however, specializes in plants and gardening(her family owns a florist/landscaping shop/business) and would know exactly what to do.

It is set in present Japan, though the garden was originally mostly western-style, with just a flare of Japan-style.

The garden itself is placed in a nicely sized back yard(about a quarter acre big), it's fenced in. The ground is flat, no hills or dips or anything. Originally flowers, and herbs were grown, no vegetables though(Which is the same thing she intends to grow). There are two strategically placed cherry blossom trees, and medium sized koi pond, with a small fountain.

I, myself, can't garden to save my life, I can't even make grass grow. So I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some tips on what the girls would have to do, and about how long it would take them, with just the two of them? If not tips, maybe someone could direct me to a few useful sites please?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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