SHINIGAMITTS シニガミツ (mr_mitts) wrote in little_details,

Japanese Interwar Firearms Control/Laws

Location: Japan, Formosa etc.
Era: between 1920-1935

I've searched on the internet for numerous phrases "gun control japan interwar", "japanese firearms laws", "japan gun law" "1920s japan guns" etc., I have a good few books on Japanese social-history and I have a firm knowledge of 1920s Japan.

But I can find nothing on Japanese gun laws or the legality of firearms ownership interwar. I have seen Japanese price-guides from the era advertising pistols and prices, but does anyone know whether there were licenses or guidelines one had to follow to buy a weapon? Could a foreigner own one? Could a foreigner import a firearm into the country from outside for 'personal protection' or similar?

I know the 1920s saw a revival of imperial doctrine and that some schools were beginning to teach rifle-drill to their pupils, but information on the subject is a little light there too.

Many thanks in advance.
Tags: japan: history, ~weapons: firearms

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