Skazka (supercrook) wrote in little_details,

organised crime?

Two characters are at least tangentially involved in organised crime in a major city-- probably Chicago-- in the 1920's. One is a corrupt cop, in his early 30's, Irish-American, and pretty mercenary-- no particular qualms about what he does as long as he gets ahead. Another is younger (maybe in his mid-20's), and basically a gun for hire though more likely to have moral/ethical qualms against, say, prostitution. Is there a likely way for them to ever encounter each other in the course of their individual activities? To bond, perhaps, or be forced into close proximity (metaphorically, not like, locked in a closet) during a job? And what would they both be involved in?

I've taken into account Prohibition, obviously, ever-present prostitution, and selling dope. Terms searched for mostly had to do with bootlegging, and I've done a little non-fiction reading, though mostly for situation flavour, not facts. I've just got no idea how to play the criminal angle or, for that matter, a cultural one, if there is one. (The second guy's cultural background I'm less sure of.)
Tags: ~organized crime

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