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Dancing amid the rain

Detective Questions!

I have the group's detective having been kidnapped. The last person to talk to the detective is another officer. During the conversation the victim got attacked and kidnapped. So I was wondering if the police would automatically prerecord any phone calls going to or from their offices and stations? (Location: Japan. Year 2013)

I'm trying to be spoiler free on this one so forgive the iffy information.

The victim is going to be tortured physically for about a week's lenth of time. Up to and including, no food, water, physical torture such as beatings and chokings. By the time they are rescued the victim would have been on the brink of death. Now I already know the internal bleeding will be healed magically. But would there still be signs of internal bleeding? This is for when the doctors explain the victim's physical condition.

Ah remembered them!

I have five people maybe six, who can stake out the mail recepticals around a town. Would it be possible to catch someone in the act of mailing something off? (Reason: The kidnapper has gotten some help in mailing off the taunts about the kidnapping. The person, while innocent, is just dropping them off on his way home in a local mail box. So could the general location of the box be accessible for them to find out within a short period of time? If not, is there a type of fingerprint of sorts on video editing? The kidnapper is video taping the torture and having it edited. Would the videos have a way for them to trace it back to the editor?

Thanks in advance.
Tags: japan: government: law enforcement, ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~missing persons, ~torture

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