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Flash Blindness - Causes and chances of recovery?

Hey there folks, I've got a character of average vision, set in modern day and time, who I want to be able to blind as completely as possible in an attack while still having it curable by surgery at a later point. Diseases are a last resort; injury or flash blinding (particularly flash blinding) would be preferable, but after looking after those topics I can't seem to find any details regarding what kinds are the most likely to be curable by surgery. Wikipedia in particular states the possible effects of flash blindness, but doesn't really clarify what kind of brightness is needed to blind a person to a lasting degree (other than nuclear-bomb level, which is a bit overboard). It also states that it can cause "irreversible" damage, but not at what brightness, nor whether that means it's totally irreversible by any means.

I could also use any information regarding the actual surgical process for restoring someone's eyesight -- the chances of success, any major threats, the projected degree of recovery,the general patient prep. process, etc.

Any insight or alternate suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Tags: ~blindness, ~medicine: injuries: eye injuries, ~medicine: ophthalmology & optometry

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