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southern texas morning birdcalls

OK, this is truly a little detail in the story, but I'd like to get it right if possible.

Where: Southern Texas (about 30 miles outside of Cotulla, in La Salle County). The specific location is a large ranch, approx. 7,000 acres, with a predominance of scrub-brushy-type vegetation around the lodge. Turkey, mourning doves, and quail are present for hunting purposes, although it's mainly a deer hunting ranch. I assume there would be plenty of other native birds on the grounds.

When: 2007, mid-to-late January, early morning (just before to just after sunrise).

What: My character wakes up early to birdcalls. What's he hearing? I'd like the 'first birds up'-- if I had set the story where I live, it would probably be seagulls, but I don't think that's going to work. :P

searches used: southern texas winter birds, southern texas early rising birds, morning birding southern texas january, and variations.

ETA: Looks like the inventively noisy mockingbird will work for this story-- you rock, little_details!

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