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Stab wounds and shock

Couple of questions. Hopefully someone is into medicine.

1. I need to give a character a stab wound in order to administer a toxin. Now I would like this stab wound to be in the abdominopelvic area (prefer left side but I'm flexible). Trouble is, I need the stab wound itself to be superficial or if not, then not too serious. Where can I put it?

2. The above character will be taken to the ER in a relatively speedy fashion. However, after about 20 minutes they will also start experiencing numbness in extremities, cold sweat, hypotension, bradycardia. Would those be considered symptoms of shock? What else would they be symptoms of?

**There are witnesses to this attack. It was brief. Victim has also has two broken ribs to the opposite side of the body, bruising down one side(from head to knee). Weapons used were a small hunting knife and a bat. Weapons are unavailble as assailant is now in a standoff with police.

Okay, I guess I have more than just two. My assailant is on Lithium for depression but is also drinking and dropping acid at the time of this attack. Is that enough to make you crazy? Is that enough to give you a heart attack?

Thanks very much.
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