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Storms interacting with the ionosphere?

Location is another planet, time is future but probably irrelevant, and I don't even know what search terms to use. So search terms, or a good "extreme meteorology for dummies" site, would be good too.

We've got a planet with constant, severe storm activity--the worst hurricanes on Earth would barely register as noteworthy. (The storms are, in fact, sapient). The world is 90% or more water, and a bit warmer and faster-rotating than Earth, but theoretically human-habitable (except for the *massive killer storms of doom*)

I'd like the storms to be the larval stage of an electrical life form that lives in the ionosphere (individually or as a group mind, I don't need to know that bit yet). But, in order for that to happen, there needs to be some way that the storms' electrical patterns could *get* to the ionosphere, without breaking any laws of physics. Is there? Bonus points if there's also some way for the ionosphere to "seed" new storm minds. Barring that, where *could* my grown-up electrical pattern life forms hang out, when they're done being hypercanes?

Also, if the ionosphere idea works at all, since a thick/active ionosphere would normally screw up radio, is there any way that the human survey crew could connect via radio or some similar comm medium with a satellite/ship in orbit, and/or with other humans on the planet, or do I need handwavium comm devices? My impression is that surface-to-surface radio might work, though a bit unreliably, but something extraordinary would be needed to punch through the ionosphere into orbit. (my plot preference would be that surface-to-surface is fairly easy, surface-to-orbit is doable only with Special Equipment)
Tags: ~climate/weather
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