Erin (natane) wrote in little_details,

The End Of The World! Oh Noes!

Setting: sometime in the future? About 10,000 years from now i think?
I've got an idea for a story inspired by my astronomy class today. I have a vague understanding of the theory that the sun, in a few thousand years, will swell and then collapse in on itself.
What I don't have is any sort of mathematical equations to help me get certain specific results in terms of heat or volume, nor do I have any real information on the expected timespans, or the effects on other objects in the solar system.
So... cut for astronomical boringness?
Simply put, I want to melt Europa. That would be the largest of Jupiter's moons.
a. What is the accepted consensus on the amount of water on Europa? Is there one?
b. Anyone want to help me out in figuring out how much the sun would have to expand in order to cause it to melt, and how long it would be at that size?
c. If this did happen, am I correct in assuming that at least some of the water would probably boil off and create an atmosphere?
Any thoughts you might have on this, and the workability of the idea, would be awesome... and I'd love over-detailed descriptions.
Thanks so much. I'm hoping that this idea will work, but if not, oh well.
Edited because the Rich Text Editor stinks.
Tags: ~science: astronomy
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