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Questions concerning American government / warfare branches & "starting over" after a nuclear attack

OK, so, it's like this: I'm working on this fanfiction story, "The Memoirs Of Dr. Strangelove", which is my own personal account of the character's life, from birth to childhood to adulthood, & a little bit after that...I haven't posted anything here before, but this is the first time I've ever really had to write a fanfiction that focused on soooo much detail (which I usually don't pay much attention to for the stories I write for other fandoms, most of which involve Disney or other animated films... ^^;; ). Now, as far as all those details go, there's a lot I have to ask, so that I can portray the events of my story in a convincing manner (which, of course, is very important when you're writing a story taking place in a movie world that's a lot more similar to ours)...

But first, here's some basic information you might want to know:
*Setting of the fanfiction: Germany during the entirity of the decades of the 1920's & 1930's, as well as the early-to-mid 1940's; mid-to-late 1940's & early-to-mid 1950's America (plus an additional 100 years spent underground while a lethal cloud of radioactivity encircles the earth above them for the duration of the nuclear particles' half-life of 93 years)
*Searched with various combinations of the following keywords &/or their equivalents: "United States [Of America]", "1920's / 1930's / 1940's / 1950's", "survival of nuclear attacks", "nuclear warfare", "weapons research [and] development"

Unfortunately, all the searches I've done on Google & Wikipedia don't seem to be helping in answering my questions at all--at least, if I do find results, they have nothing to do with the stuff I'm trying to find out. -_-

OK, now, onto the questions...

10. At one point in my story, Dr. Strangelove is promoted to the director of the 'weapons research & development' branch of the American military / government...but what *does* the director of weapons research & development do, exactly? And if the American government doesn't have a "weapons research & development" branch, per se, what's the closest thing they've got? (If I knew the name of that branch, I'd look it up to find out more about it, but I wouldn't know where to start without knowing the actual name first.)

I tried looking up "weapons research & development" on Google beforehand, but it mostly just led me to sites with transcripts or quotes from the movie, so that wasn't a very fruitful search. I also tried looking through all the different articles in the "Agencies of the United States government", "Government agencies of the United States", "Independent agencies of the United States government", "Defunct agencies of the United States government" (just in case), "United States Department Of Defense agencies", and "United States federal boards, commissions, and committees" categories on Wikipedia....but to no avail. Didn't even find one sign of "Weapons Research & Development". :(

11. If the world above the underground mine shafts in every country were to be virtually destroyed in a massive nuclear explosion & the people who survived didn't come back up until 100 years later, how *would* they "start over" after resurfacing? Might they have been able to retrieve any of their property or possessions? How would they regenerate plant & animal life after bringing their preserved specimens up from the mine shafts? How could they build new houses, with all the trees on Earth pretty much eliminated from the surface of the Earth? Would all the countries be able to reestablish their old governments? Things like that. I tried looking up keywords related to these kind of things on Google, but my search results were either limited in number, unsuccessful, or unrelated to the information I was seeking.

(The questions might be easier to understand if you've seen "Dr. Strangelove".) If you can provide answers to any or all of the above questions, I would be most grateful to you for your assistance. :-) And to those who have answered the questions that were previously posted, I wish to thank you sincerely for all your help with the details of my story that I was looking for; it is greatly appreciated.

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