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Location of World War I military hospitals

The character is a British doctor during the first World War. He has prior military experience as an army surgeon. He would be in his early 60’s when World War I began and feels compelled to help. However, because of his age I doubt he would have been sent to the front lines. So… where would he have worked?

My preference is to have him at a military hospital in a small town in England (although France would also be acceptable if that was more likely). He was living in London when the War began, so I suppose that a military hospital in London would also be a possibility (since it seems that the wounded were also sent back to London); this is not my first preference, however.

Any locations (and, if possible, even names) of military hospitals caring for the WWI wounded soldiers would be much appreciated.

I’ve Googled “location of british military hospitals in world war 1”, “British doctors in World war 1”, “soldier hospital in England during World War 1”, and variations along those lines. While I’ve found some interesting information concerning the treatment of patients, I haven’t, you know, actually discovered where the hospitals were located.

Thanks for any assistance!

ETA: Thank you all! You've provided some great resources and links. I'm certain that I can find a suitable location now.
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