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19th century london constable fending off an attacker

Time and place is 1866 in London.

Googled: grappling, 19th century police. Found a lovely treasure trove of the history of the metropolitan police force and lots of info on ju-jitsu but it's not what I am looking for.

Our hero who's a constable and a pretty tall strong fellow had just been attacked from the side and thrown to the ground by an assailant that is pretty much matched with him in terms of strength and size. His attacker is unarmed but pretty formidable and is at the moment on top of him grinding his face into the dirt. The constable will have a cosh on hand but we'll just say that his attacker has a bit of an supernatural edge to him and a laying about the head once he gets his hands on that cosh is going to do little to discourage him. Taking into consideration that our hero wouldn't care much to get pounded into a bloody pulp...

1) are there any grappling moves or heck any nasty underhanded street fighting moves he can employ to save himself?

2) I am unsure if he would have received any sort of formal self-defense training in his line of work, my research seems to indicate that self-defense training WAS out there but available more readily perhaps to gentlemen then to a lowly officer of the law. What sort of fighting training is he going to have under his belt already? Scuffles and trial-by-error in the school of hard knocks or something more structured?

thanks in advance

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