Lelechan (greatcloudninja) wrote in little_details,

Treatment for a complete stab wound in 17th-century Caribbean pirate ship

So. Height of the pirate invasion of the Spanish Main, 17th century. A male character, early twenties, is stabbed by a rapier in the extreme side of the abdomen at an angle a couple of inches below the ribs, leaving a hole about three inches deep and open at both ends (The stab was aimed for the gut but the character jumped to the side). What does the wound look like a week later (never flushed, allowed to bleed freely, though bandaged)? After the week, the wound is flushed with spirits and stitched shut, then the next day a poultice of mashed onion and honey is used on the outside of the wound. The stitches are then opened up and flushed again with boiled ocean water. What's the best treatment here, and what are his chances of survival beyond the week?

EDIT: I clarified the trajectory and location of the wound, and added some details to the care of the wound itself (i.e. the ocean water was boiled)

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