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Terminology for a Bride Left at the Altar

Once more I find myself in need of this community's wonderful services!

What I'm looking for are other phrases, names or terminology for a bride left at the altar. The only one I can think of myself or seem to find is 'jilted bride'. I'm hoping to find at least a small list of terms. I've been all over Google and this comm's memories/tags, but so far no luck.

Is 'jilted bride' the only term, or am I just failing at google-fu today?

Searched terms: 'synonyms, jilted bride' 'phrases, jilted bride', 'jilted bride', 'terms for bride left at altar', 'names for a bride left at altar' and then things getting more and more desperate.

Tags checked here: 'marriage' and 'wedding'.
Tags: ~marriage

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