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Victorians and Poker

Back again with more Victorian questions!

Googled: various combinations of Poker, history of poker, Britain, England, 1800s, 1850s, 19th century, Victorian

I was originally setting these stories in the 1870s, but I have recently decided to move them back a few decades, into the 1850s, 1860s. Mostly because I'm acravat fan, and because a friend wants rather badly for me to throw my characters into Crimea and point and laugh at them.

At any rate. I had read that poker was "a fad" in Britain in the 1870s. I don't remember where exactly I read it. But. Research now, for the earlier time period, indicates that there were just all sorts of poker-like games floating about.

I need to know if there was something definitively known as POKER in England, during my new time period, and whether respectable gentlemen might play it after the ladies had gone up from dinner and it was smoking/drinking/carousing time.

Thanks, smart, smart people.

ETA: Upon further consideration, this story may end up taking place at a card party. But input is still appreciated!

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