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Everyday kimono question

I'm hoping this isn't too esoteric for this community. =^.^=

I collect and wear kimono in real life but I tend towards rather informal (and I'm no expert by any means). I have a character who wears kimono everyday. Mya (that being the character) is rather formal and polite, very ladylike. Kinda the stereotypical Japanese young lady. She's in her twenties and works in a restaurant / pub as a cook and waitress. Date is basically modern times, although Mya is (obviously) a bit old-fashioned. Place is... not this world really, but semi-rural Japan works.

- What kind of kimono would she wear to work? Komon with a nagoya obi? Houmongi?
- I'm assuming she'd wear komon with a hanhaba obi at home. What'd she wear to do errands? Houmongi with no crest?
- What's the date to change from unlined kimono to lined and vice versa? When can you start wearing yukata?

If she decides to dress up her male coworker in kimono, under which circumstances would he have to wear hakama? Hakama is basically formalwear for men, right?

Tags: japan (misc), ~clothing

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