Niamh Russell (niamh_russell) wrote in little_details,
Niamh Russell

Names, nicknames, and language difficulties?

Several questions on names, nicknames, and speaking issues going from English and French to various Eastern European languages.

Okay, so, I've a character whose mother is British and whose father is French, they both teach at a boarding school in Eastern Europe, which my character attends--not quite sure where, but the students are from various countries. The classes are taught in Russian.

Now, my character's name is River Delacroix--how difficult would this be to pronounce for the majority of the students, most of whom would have little to no grounding in French, not only for her but for professors with the same surname?

Second, River is around people with non-English names constantly, and dislikes her name because of this--are there any Eastern European languages that it would be reasonable to translate "River" into something like a name, or similar?

I realise this may be going a bit far, I've tried googling, a little, but I wasn't getting much except lists of rivers in Eastern Europe :|
Tags: ~languages (misc), ~names

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