Sushidog (sushidog) wrote in little_details,

Mass roosting in Mississippi

I've had a Google on combinations and permutations of "Mississippi" "evening" "birds" "roosting" and "summer", but not found exactly what i want, so i'm hoping someone who has spent time in the area might be able to help her!

IN the UK, around dusk, there are several types of birds which flock, sometimes in huge numbers, feeding before they roost for the night; starlings, wagtails, rooks, and various others. I'm looking for an equivalent for rural Mississippi during the Civil War (apparently y'all have European starlings there now, but they only came over in the late 19th C, which is a bit late for me!). Does anyone know of any birds which do this?
Failing that, if one were in rural Mississippi at dusk in the summer, what sort of flora and fauna would be particularly noticeable, and/or particularly salient at dusk? (For example, some flowers smell most strongly at dusk, some animals are most likely to be active at dusk, etc...)


Edited to add; Thanks for the responses so far; I think I'm going with crows as my main theme, with garnishes of cicadas and possibly the odd bat, frog, and maybe some magnolia. Crows have the advantage of being carrion-eaters, which works very nicely in my setting; many thanks!

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