robert_huff (robert_huff) wrote in little_details,

earthquakes caused by asteroid impacts

I'm working on a scenario where I want to have an earthquake caused by something hitting the earth. I've seen the Wikipedia page on "Impact event", and I've found the site at "". Unfortunately, it starts with full inputs and calculates the effect. What I need is, knowing the effect and some of the inputs what the values/value ranges of the other variables are. Specifically: 1) Assume a man-made object of 10,000 metric tons 2) impacting at close to perpendicular to the earth's surface a) with average soil qualities 3) and causing earthquake registering in the Richter 5.5-5.8 zone 100 kilometers away. Questions: 1) How fast does it have to be going? 2) What are other effects given those numbers? Blast wave? Clouds of ejected particles? Crater size? SOLVED: looks like I have what I need. THanks to everyone for the help.

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