i glimpsed a bat with butterfly wings (dragonwhishes) wrote in little_details,
i glimpsed a bat with butterfly wings

On Trauma, Police, and Names. (Hi... First post. Sorry if I screw up.)

Okay. I posted in a community that helps for telling if characters are Mary Sues or not, and I was told about this community, which I think I already like.

1) What will happen after trauma? Nothing really traumatic has happened to me so I have no clue. Not with rape, but something traumatic all the same?

2) What would happen if a person went to the police with a note that appeared blank to them (the police)? Because the character with the note can read what's on it, but when they show it to anybody else it appears blank.

3) Is there any good last name for the first name of Astraea? (I was considering giving her the last name of Hob. But then again, I'm pretty much clueless.)

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