okay, so i'm the dragon. big deal. (kthxrawr) wrote in little_details,
okay, so i'm the dragon. big deal.

leg injuries ending sports career

setting: modern Europe
I need an injury that would basically end a teenage boy's tennis career - something that would stop them playing, but still be able to walk around to some degree, even with a cane. I was initially thinking a leg injury from a car crash - being hit by a car as opposed to being in the car, although that can be flexible.
How long would it take him to be able to walk again, how long would he stay in hospital, all little details like that.

I've searched for "leg injuries tennis" "leg injuries stopping tennis" "leg injuries hit by a car ending sports careers" but I get mostly stories about tennis leg or American football players.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~sports (misc)

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