Layla Lawlor (laylalawlor) wrote in little_details,
Layla Lawlor

Irish Gaelic language question

Setting: modern America
Searched: various searches for Irish Gaelic translation sites and vocabulary lists (and also looked through the tags in this community)

I'm writing a tongue-in-cheek fairy-tale retelling set in the modern world. One of my characters is an Irish fae who is (not entirely by choice) playing the traditional role of fairy godmother in this story. For the most part, she speaks contemporary colloquial English, but I want to her use a few Gaelic phrases occasionally when she's talking to the main character. Finding the translations for what I want hasn't been hard, but my problem is figuring out if I'm using them correctly. These are the ones I was wondering about (translations found via Google on various sites):

a chroí="my dear"
máthair bhaistí="godmother"
iníon baistí="goddaughter"

Since it's not supposed to be especially serious, it's all right if it seems anachronistic. What I'm specifically wondering is whether "a chroí" is an appropriate term of endearment for an older woman to a younger, unrelated one, and whether máthair bhaistí and iníon baistí are used similarly to the way we use the words godmother and goddaughter in English.
Tags: ~languages: celtic

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