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Blood, wounds and conciousness.

I've looked through the tags, and I've found some information on stab wounds, specifically around stomach wounds. A lot of the information I was looking for has been found, but I just want to ask a couple questions related to other injuries that happen to my male character, and how they will affect blood loss and loss of conciousness.

Tags - stab wounds; medicine: injuries; medicine: injuries (misc)
Google - "stabbings"; "stomach stabbing" + treatment; stabbings + bloodloss

Setting: Europe
Time: Early 2000s

My male character (early thirties) is abducted, probably has had two or three alcoholic drinks beforehand. In the next hour or two he's interrogated; the perpetrators decide that since he's not giving up the ring he's wearing, that the only way to get it is to cut off his ring finger.

My story also has a fantasy-bent to it: upon cutting off his finger, one of the perpetrators realise that his blood has unique properties, and to determine its effect she continues to cut him, not badly enough to cause serious damage, but enough to draw significant blood.

After losing his finger, and now these smaller cuts, how conscious/lucid would he be?

Two or three hours later, the hero!brigade comes along. In a panic to get away, she - the one who's been cutting him - stabs him, wanting to create a diversion so they'll tend to him and not chase her. She takes her dagger with her, in case she needs to use it again.

I'm debating where she stabs him. My original thought is that she stabs him in the stomach, but I'm looking for a non-fatal but critical injury, and the blood loss from a stomach injury might be fatal, and combined with the blood loss from earlier, that possibility might be even higher. So, I guess what I'm looking for is, What would be a serious, but non-fatal, stabbing injury? And what would his state of conciousness be like after the stabbing?

Please and thank you.

Edit Answered! Thank you so much for your help, it has been greatly appreciated. :D
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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