Micki (micki_malheur) wrote in little_details,

Long-term, irreparable damage to the leg requiring a cane?

I'm working on a character (male, early thirties) who had to have suffered some sort of accident or disease -- preferably an accident, but a disease will be suitable if nothing else fits the bill -- during his mid-childhood that caused him permanent and irreversible damage to the right leg. I searched around Google ("Irreversible damage to leg", "cane use irreversible"), but the only things that were remotely helpful were medical journals.

He had the accident/contracted the disease when he was about eleven or twelve, and has been walking with a cane ever since.

It's very important that it DOESN'T cause him any long-term physical pain. The plot hangs on him not being on any sort of painkiller.

My original theory was that he was in a car accident, and shards of glass severed the tendons above his thigh, but I've recently learned that there's corrective surgery for this.

Other than the limp and need of a cane, he's fairly able-bodied and mentally sound, so something like MS or early ALS is out.

Does this sound like something you've heard of? Any ideas?

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