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Foster care, repressed memories, delusions

I'm writing a story in which a young woman is made aware that she is repressing memories from childhood. She needs to seek out her mother for answers. Her mother is delusional.

Setting: Present day, USA. If a specific state matters (I didn't realize it would), then Kentucky I suppose.

The mother of this story firmly believes that she was abducted by aliens and that her daughter was a product of this abduction. She believes that the aliens will return and take them back. She wants to go back. Because of this, she withheld her daughter from a lot of school time and from interacting with other people. At some point, the mother has another child, a baby. The baby dies. For a few days the mother doesn't notify anyone about the dead baby.

Question #1: I plan on having the school investigate the daughter's reasons for her excessive absences and discovering the dead baby. I'm assuming this is enough to pull the daughter from the mother's care and send her to foster care. But what happens to the mother? I don't want the mother to be in jail or an asylum for the rest of her life (but I can make adjustments if this is the case). Because, apart from the alien thing, she's capable of functioning and taking care of herself.

Question #2: In foster care, will the daughter stay in the same town as her mother? I checked the memories and from what I understand the kids generally don't get sent into other cities, but is it the same case when there's risk of running into the mother? And will the daughter stay with the same foster family if no one adopts, or is it mandatory that she gets bounced around the system?

When the daughter is much older, the death of a baby in local news triggers some memories for her. She realizes that she is repressing some memories of how her baby sibling died.

Question #3: Is it likely that she would repress the knowledge of her sibling altogether or just the events surround his death?

Question #4: From what I've read up on so far, hypnosis is kind of an iffy thing when it comes to repressed memories. If she does submit to hypnosis, is it likely that all the memories would resurface at once? I'm looking for a reason to send her to her mother for questions.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: usa: government (misc), ~custody & social services, ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)
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