The Doctor (pisica) wrote in little_details,
The Doctor

A British man's office in WWII Hungary

Haven't Googled too much as I don't know what to look for! (And things I've found, like embroidery, seem generic.)

Situation: it's April 1944, so about 2-3 weeks after the Nazi invasion of Hungary. A British man has been working in a British-run school in Budapest for over a decade. The novel's opening scene takes place in his office; the other character is his Hungarian servant (female), who has burst in to tell him that the Nazis are at the door of the school.

I would like some way to show, through the way the room is decorated, that we're in Hungary. This could be as small as a few items sitting on bookshelves or the desk. As the British man is very interested in Hungarian culture, and has done a bit of traveling in-country, he could easily have 'peasant' items that would be dismissed by locals as not worth displaying.

Depending on what POV I tell the scene from, I can probably have the servant remarking on his Hungarian (i.e. he's clearly agitated as he's mispronouncing words), but I'd love some visual clues. Could even be a tray with his lunch on it, come to think of it.

Thanks for any suggestions!
Tags: hungary (misc), ~world war ii
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