Just a Reprise (stolenfairytale) wrote in little_details,
Just a Reprise

Marriages being Invalidated by laws?

I've got an interracial couple, Catherine and Malachi. They live in an AU steampunk sort of world, but the legal system is a combination of US and UK law, with a few odds and ends kicked in.

My problem is this--interracial marriage is a hot topic at this point in the history of this world. If the place where thy lived passed a law allowing interracial marriage, and they tra-la-la'ed over to a courthouse and got married, without falsifying any information or fraud of any type, if/when the law allowing interracial marriage was repealed--would their marriage stand, or would it be invalidated, even though it was made in all good faith?

googled: interracial marriage laws, marriages invalidated, legal annulments and got nada.
Tags: ~law (misc), ~marriage

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