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how does a U.S. Marine write home?

Setting: Contemporary U.S. / Middle East; specifically Marine Corps

I'm asking for a friend -- they assure me they've searched extensively through hits for outreach to veterans and serving military, etc, and their f-list is not varied. How often can a military wife communicate with her husband?
...in a combat zone, or a hot spot like say Baghdad?
...2-3 years ago?
...13-15 years ago?

The query's two-pronged. 1. How exactly (well, as much as one can figure with military censors) does a communication get to a loved one serving in the U.S. military? Is it e-mail? How often is video conferencing allowed on land? What about handwritten letters? Who sees these communications besides the principals? We're assuming that satellite time is prohibitive. Also that there were changes in technology and military policy.

Anecdotes about coping with long military separations would be great too. :) [The characters have no children or dependents, though they have many friends. The wife is a civilian.]

2. What exactly could this character's MOS be to allow frequent communication ... AND opportunities for fraternization, on- and off-base? (Latter doesn't have to be legal.) Not covert ops, but he's not support or tech either. And he's a Marine. Someone whose skill-set would be in demand overseas over the last 15 years of frontline U.S. military operations, and yet not be promoted too far up. (Or does he have to be broken down a rank sometime?)

How long would the typical tour last?

She also pointed to this op-ed: "The Army shouldn't regulate soldiers' blogs" 2007
-- She asks if she needs to move back the timeline to adjust for this.

(She also has a related question about when a spouse would be allowed to come along on an overseas posting -- she assumes Seoul, Okinawa, Germany are the usual spots.)

My friend and I thank you in advance!
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