clover_elf_kin (clover_elf_kin) wrote in little_details,

surgical anesthetics

(Posted for a friend of mine.)

In short, what's the strongest (surgical) anesthesic in the world? In my story, a girl has a strange... I guess you would call it ability. She just can't be kept unconcious by even the most powerful anesthetics for more than maybe a half hour or so, and she's having a lot of major surgery done on her. She keeps waking up during the operations, and the doctors have just started giving her local anesthetics to keep her from lashing about when she wakes up. It's slightly in the future, and I need to come up with a realistic name for the types of super-strong anesthetics they would be using, without sounding like I have no idea what I'm talking about (which I don't), so I need to know what the official names for the anesthetics of today are.

I know of a drug called Isoflurane, so I'm thinking of calling this drug Xenothrane. It's a super strong anesthetic that doesn't work on her, but would otherwise be able to put down an elephant. What I'm really looking for is something like ketamine hydrochloride but longer lasting, since it's "an anesthetic agent and is derived from phencyclidine. It acts like a volatile anesthetic agent and is potent, quickly acting, and has a short duration. It is usually only used for children under 16 because about 27% of those over 16 have wild dreams and hallucinations during emergence that can be rather dangerous and unpleasant." However, I WANT there to be terrible dreams. So, any suggestions?

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