Nathan (melengro) wrote in little_details,

Contingency plans

Do the Anglican Communion, the Church of England, or Her Majesty's Government have any contingency plans for a possible future destruction of the city of Canterbury? Would the title of the Archbishop of Canterbury remain the same, or would it change based upon what city he went do? Would the Archbishop of York simply become the new relevant Instrument of Communion through the principle of Epikeia?

ETA: I Googled various iterations of 'Canterbury contingency plan' and 'Cantuar contingency plan'. I'm aware that he actually lives in Lambeth, but in the story this is part of a generalised destruction of the entire Thames-Medway area, including central London. The cause being a catastrophic flood that means that you can take a rowboat out to the seventh floor of the Gherkin, I don't think rebuilding the cities in question is really a viable option.
Tags: ~religion: christianity (misc)
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