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Shinto practices on burial

That, and bragging about the research I've done...

Visited:,, Shinto shrines both modern and historical, Buddhist temples both modern and historical (had a couple days in Kyoto recently), Japanese guide to explain some things.

I have a character whose generation is American, whose parents' generation is Japanese.  As I understand Shinto, there are few beliefs on the afterlife but that one of them holds that in order to have a peaceful afterlife one needs to basically have a peaceful death.  To let a family member die alone or in pain is to let that family member go to a bad afterlife.  (Unfortunately I've lost the link on that one.)

In my RPG one of the character's uncles defied his father/the NPC's grandfather and as a result ended up murdered, alone, by a third party.  I want to describe the family shrines in such a way that hints at the angst this creates in the family, maybe show that there's something different about this uncle.  I'm already fudging one detail--the shrines I saw in Kyoto did not include photographs of the deceased, and I was considering that.
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