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Famous Japanese actress, 2008

Hi, I hope somebody here can help. This would seem to be so easy, but since I know nothing at all about the subject it actually turns out to be quite difficult and confusing.

Timeframe: 2008.

I need the name of a very famous and respected, under-30, Japanese actress. It would be great if she were internationally famous, but her standing in Japan is more important. I've done lots of googling and found lots of actresses, but usually on their fan sites where, sure, people claim that they are phenomenally respected and acclaimed. I need something just a little bit less biased. So far, this site:
seemed to be the most promising, but my problem here is, I've never heard of these people so I still don't know how reliable that is. I've checked them all on wikipedia and dramawiki, but even so, I'd like some confirmation from somebody who actually knows something about the subject.

Terms used in googling are various combinations of: top famous japanese actress/es 2008

Many thanks in advance!

Edit: The very first reply made me realize that I should have mentioned I know about Horikita Maki and Toda Erika, and I can't use them. That's where my problem starts.
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