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Goddess-Exclusive Mythology

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Hey! I'm writing a fantasy book, and my religious system consists of eighteen goddess. (Eighteen seemed necessary, one for every month of their year.) I'm trying to see if there are any other religions or any mythology that is goddess-exclusive as well, both to confirm or deny my originality on the idea and to gain an insight on how other such religions might work.

Now, I know that in most mythology, regardless of the origin, there tends to be a kind of hierarchy. I don't feel like I can do that with my goddesses, though, because they were all created by one very powerful woman. They're more like sisters. Each has her own specific duties, however, and I think that will help me avoid most of my problems.

Just in case you feel the need to know more, here's the story of their arrival and all of their names. Thanks ahead of time for your help.

    There was a time when there were no goddesses. The world suffered total chaos. Snow followed days of scorching sun, and fruits that were ripe one day were instantly rotten the next. There seemed to be no end to the anguish of the world.
    One day, a woman skilled in magic decided that the world needed order, and while she wasn’t strong enough to give it that order, she believed she might be strong enough to create women who could. She gathered what she needed for the first pair.
    First, she gathered the best rays of sunlight she could. This might have been the most difficult, because true sunlight was scarce. She stored them in a jar made of pure diamond. Then she plucked the ripest stars from the sky and collected a full jug of moon-milk. She only drank a little, but that was acceptable.
    With her materials around her, the woman began to cast. Her rays of sunlight swirled into a woman’s shape. Her smile was golden, and her eyes were bright. “Welcome to your world, Solaris,” she told her. Then she started to cast again.
    The moon-milk reacted in the same manner as the rays of sunlight. The stars she had plucked from the sky became her eyes, and her smile was the smile of dreams. “Welcome to your world, Lumera,” she told her. The first of the goddesses were created.
    The woman created two other twins in the same way. Kaethe of virginity and her sister Aadi of fertility were first, followed by Aria of music and Galina of logic.
    The rest of the goddesses had to be created one at a time, but they came all the same. The world of chaos came to an end, and an age of peace began.

  1. Nanetha-Goddess of war and triumph.
  2. Melanda-Goddess of mercy and truth
  3. Lilith-Goddess of death and sorrow
  4. Allena-Goddess of forgiveness and faith
  5. Abiba-Goddess of love and desire
  6. Aadi-Goddess of fertility and merriment
  7. Ballari-Goddess of the woodlands
  8. Behitha-Goddess of the sky
  9. Kailani-Goddess of the sea 
  10. Ianthe-Goddess of fire
  11. Mara-Goddess of the mountains
  12. Kachina-Goddess of the wandering souls
  13. Kaethe-Goddess of virginity
  14. Lumera-Goddess of night
  15. Solaris-Goddess of the morning
  16. Galina-Goddess of logic and intelligence
  17. Aria-Goddess of music and poetry
  18. Fate-Goddess of destiny and purpose

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