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Person on parole/licence/visits to probation officer, uk

Hiya, this might be a sort of un-answerable question - but I'm hoping someone here may have some experience to share!

Basically, I've got a character who's just been released from prison, so now he's out on licence.

I was wondering if anyone knew how often he would need to see his probation officer. Once a week? Less often?

I also need to know what might happen if the guy comes into contact with people who he isn't allowed to see, or if he got into trouble but there was no way he could avoid it. Obviously he can easily be recalled to complete the rest of his sentence if he does something wrong - but he doesn't want to see these other people - they're after him for some payback. So if he totally co-operates with the police and probation service, and is otherwise doing well, what would they do about the fact his old gang are after him? (them being after him involves the police being called at least once to the address he's licenced to.)

I've googled 'early release from prison', 'probation', 'release on licence' and similar. They're helpful with the basics, but don't go into any sort of detail - I imagine this is because it varies so much, but any help anyone can give me to make this realistic would be grand.

Info: The guy was convicted of possession with intent to supply, served out half his sentence, did well and was released on licence. He wants to change, and is totally co-operative with the authorities. This takes place in the UK (London) probaly early 2000s-ish...it doesn't matter, to be honest, as long as it's the last five-ten years, really.

Thanks in advance!

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