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Morphine withdrawal + aspirin + alcohol = ?

Terms googled: "morphine withdrawal alcohol" (no useful results), "morphine withdrawal aspirin" (which at least supported the thought that the character in question could take painkillers of a non-opiate variety to help somewhat), "alcohol painkillers" (which supported my thoughts that he could kill his liver by doing this)

So. We have a not-baseline-human (created from a scientist's dead son and the distilled life-force of his homeworld; he's able to adapt to situations that would kill most people) seventeen-year-old boy who was treated with morphine following a nanomachine infection. He was kept on it for the better part of four days, and has now gone off it cold turkey. He now intends to drink himself into a stupor to get away from the generally hellish withdrawal symptoms he's experiencing.

(I personally have no idea why the friend of mine who plays him went with this... all the research I've done would seem to indicate that even Jet should be wanting to spend this time divided between tearing the house apart looking for more morphine and being curled up in a ball wanting to die. (Yes, this is fandom-based... icon is somewhat relevant... boy's last name is Enduro... please don't hurt me?))

He has also been provided with aspirin by a well-intentioned idiot who will be accompanying him in the drinking binge.

I'm of the opinion that he's going to end up requiring extensive treatment for alcohol poisoning and dehydration, and in the worst-case scenario a liver transplant, as a result of this mix. She has no idea what to expect past the dehydration.

Ladies and Gentlemen of little_details, I ask for your thoughts on what exactly would come of morphine withdrawal being combined with alcohol combined with aspirin.
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