Just a Reprise (stolenfairytale) wrote in little_details,
Just a Reprise

Rules for Day Cares

Okay, so, I'm working on a novel and one character, Ginevra, owns and operates a daycare. One of the parents is a single mother named Sophie. Sophie has a doctor's appointment early in the morning and finds out that it's very serious and she has to go to the hospital and have surgery pronto.

Se wants her brother to pick up her daughter in the evening. Considering that she didn't know she would be unable to pick up her daughter, how would she get Ginevra to allow her brother to pick up her daughter?

All I've found in my research is a standard "in case of emergency, please contact" form and a list of people who are permitted to pick up said child.

Would it be enough for Sophie to call Ginevra and say "Hey, I'm in the hospital, they're going to be prepping me for surgery, my brother's going to be picking up my daughter" or is there something more complicated?

Googled: relative picking up from daycare procedure, daycare protocol
Tags: ~childrearing

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