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American civil war - casualties' effects

I've done various searches (variations on the theme of "American civil war" plus "burial", "mass grave", "casualties" "clothes" and so on.

My setting is a confederate hospital (actually an old farmhouse which has been requisitioned as a hospital) near Tupelo, Lee County, in 1864. The field out back is being used as a grave for those who die in the hospital (or are dead on arrival). A man is brought in with a stomach wound; the doctors and nurses know it will be fatal (stomach wounds at that time always were), so they dope him up and leave him to die while they treat a couple of others who may survive their wounds. He duly dies.
Now what? Would they just carry him out, sling him in the pit, and add some lime or soil? Would there be any sort of "laying out" or ceremony at all? Would he be buried in the clothes he came in in, or, given that uniforms were in short supply, would he be stripped of anything useful first?

And as a bonus question, does anyone happen to know what tuberculosis actually feels like? I know what the symptoms are, from a medical point of view, but a first-hand description would be useful!
Tags: usa: history: civil war

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