Henry, Senior Character-Death Correspondent (bessemerprocess) wrote in little_details,
Henry, Senior Character-Death Correspondent

Domestic Violence Case in Criminal Court

Time frame: Current
Place: New York City
Searched: Domestic Violence, Pre-trial conference, domestic violence lawyers, domestic violence court, state pressing charges, Trial in domestic violence cases, steps between arraignment and trial

My character is going to court because she was arrested on domestic violence charges. My understanding from google search is that in most domestic violence cases, it's the state and not the victim who presses charges, mostly because the victim rarely wants/will agree to having charges pressed. Her male partner, the person whom the State is pressing charge on behalf of, adamantly refused to press charges, bailed her out and hired her her lawyers.

Both she and her male partner are well known/slightly famous, and their lawyers are top notch. I figure most of the case will actually play out in the media, but how does the actually pre-trial parts like being interviewed by the lawyers and taking depositions work in these kinds of cases? All the little steps that need to happen between the arraignment and the trial? Especially if the DA is considering running for office on the back of this case and everyone knows it?

Also, am I right in understanding that 'hearsay' means that the witness can only testify about what he saw and not what the character told him took place? And as long as she's arrested at her apartment, the apartment can be searched as fruits of a warrant as long as the warrant is valid, right?

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