Caitlin (amor_demi_alma) wrote in little_details,

Teens in Mental Hospitals

Hi Guys,
Here's what I need: I have a teenaged girl in the United States in a mental hospital due to being emotionally unstable, suicidal, traumatized, etc. Essentially, she had a very difficult childhood that caught up to her during her teen years and caused problems that eventually landed her in this hospital. I'm wondering if there's any sort of seclusion where she would be restrained but still be allowed visitors. I'm thinking perhaps that she might be behind a screen where she can't touch or be touched, or perhaps have guards that prevent her from approaching or being approached by other people. I assume that teens aren't physically restrained (i.e., strapped down) unless they're violent. Essentially, all I need is for this character to be unable to hug her visitors, and vice versa. What kind of behavior would necessitate such precautions and how exactly would she be restrained?
Googled: "Mental Hospitals" teens, "Teens in Mental Hospitals", "Mental Hospitals" restraints, "Mental Hospitals" Teens Behavior, etc. etc.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance,
Caitlin :)
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry: institutions

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