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Female US war reporters in WWII

Setting: World War II and shortly after (Battle of the Bulge, liberation of the concentration camp Buchenwald, Nuremberg Trials)

Research: Google and wikipedia, also crossposted at military_beta - I tried the general entries on the mentioned theaters of war, war reporting, tried to find specific female US war reporters (as stated below) and tried looking for information on women serving with and in the US Armed Forces in WWII, didn't get anything really satisfying (yet). Hope someone here can help me with my questions:

1. Were all female US war reporters and photographers civilians or did some of them hold military ranks? Wikipedia is unclear on the two I just found (Marguerite Higgins and Margaret Bourke-White). In the German version of the entry on Higgins, it's specifically stated that there are still reports saying that the first soldier (instead of person) to enter Dachau after the liberation was said to be a woman. That really confused me because I always thought all the female war reporters were civilians.

2. Did any female US war reporters cover the war in the Pacific? I don't seem to find any but maybe I just didn't use the right search words. I'd be very glad if anyone could help me :)

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to answer any of these questions.
Tags: ~world war ii
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