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Hi I'm trying to get my character drunk, but not too drunk. The character is in his 50's relatively healthy and a regular but not particularly heavy drinker (he's American if that makes any difference). He and a group of friends (with unusual metabolisms so they have different rules) are playing the drinking game 'I have never'. They start off playing with scotch (a drink I have realitively little experience with) and at some point his friend switches him over to beer to prevent alcohol poisoning and later still they switch him to Pepsi. I want him drunk enough to talk about things he wouldn't normally and maybe need help up the stairs but I don't want him losing conciousness or need an ambulance.

I know the various suggested government limits and so forth but I am looking for more anecdotal suggestions, how much Scotch should he drink before switching over to something softer to keep him going for an evening? (I'm thinking about 3, based on observation of those few people I know who drink scotch) And then how much beer on top of that before switching to soft drinks? I know there is a lot of variation I just want something that sounds reasonable.
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