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mental retadation in how it might affect a child being raised by someone of that capapcity

I've already done some research but couldn't find the specifics of what I'm looking for. The story is fanfiction based but I want it to be as realisitc as possible. I've already hinted that the character involved is somewhat delayed and underdeveloped mentally as it is, but was wondering if this affect would be permanent due to his only having been raised by a mentally retarded individual from the age of six to the age of ten, then taken in by another one on the streets after the first one died. There were no other adults present in his life from six until the age of twelve as he needed to bne hidden away for safety.

The problem is compounded by memory loss. He doesn't remember his family or even the man that raised him from six to ten due to a traumatic event that left him on the streets until he is found at the age of eleven/going on twelve. I want the character to be accurate and to be portrayed well, without the threat of insulting those who truly suffer from this problem. I'm wondering if anyone has come across a site I can use or knows anything about this type of thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Tags: ~childrearing, ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)
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