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Hi! I'm looking for reasons someone would get an erection during torture, other than being a masochist.

I know pain and pleasure use the same nervous path, but is there a way it could be cross-wired during a torture session?

What about some torture techniques? I've thought about hanging, but the people torturing my character don't want to risk brain damage or any kind of physical/physiological damage.

Would someone get an erection from electrical shocks? (low current, high voltage to prevent any damages to the heart)

Any other ideas, really?

What I've researched: this community's memories, google (torture induced erection => gave me a ton of kinky stuff, nothing very relevant)
Thank you for your help !

Uhm, in case you need any other specification: subject is (male, obviously) 25 -ish, time is present, no SF or fantasy. Also, he's been tortured for a while already, is not 100% broken but getting there. And his penis hasn't gotten any attention in a while.

edit: Okay, little precision: it's not part of the torturer's initial plan to have anything sexual happen. I want the erection to just "happen". If nothing is found, in the end, I think I'll use morning wood.

Tags: ~torture

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