planet farthest from (snarkymuffin) wrote in little_details,
planet farthest from

travel involved in nonprofit jobs

Time: present
Place: U.S.
Google: I've read tons of job descriptions, looked at ASPCA websites, read blogs etc.

Hey everyone, I've never posted here before but read a lot & you are all awesome.

So, I have this story in which a woman needs to be travelling for work--her home base is around Austin, Texas, and I would like her to make it as far North as Wisconsin (at least temporarily--she could also have one big temp job she was hired specially to do), but that's flexible. Here's the thing: Is there a job within the ASPCA/animal shelter-related that would have her doing this? If not, could she be doing something, anything really somehow related to animal welfare that would require this kind of travel? She could totally be running something for a larger company rather than directly working with animals.

Alternately, if a shelter director gets promoted, where do you go from there? Do you?

Honestly, anything you can come up with would be great. Even if it isn't animal related but fits with the travel time/distance and is even vaguely non-profit related--lay it on me!

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