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Disbarment, NY, 1940s

 Googled "admission to the bar", "criminal record", "law licence", "manslaughter" and "disbarment" (in combinations).

Scene: New York, 1943-44

Our subject is a lawyer who has (maybe*) shot his wife, and took pot shots at the closet, which turns out to contain her boyfriend (he fired into it on the assumption that if someone was in there he would have come out and begged for their lives, and gave him ample warning and opportunity to get out).

He beats the murder rap because she threatened to have his mother and other people killed, and has ordered murders and kidnappings before (she's a millionaire heiress), but one part I'm chewing over is the bloke in the closet.  For this he could well be done for manslaughter, and this hypothesis I am exploring (I worry about the messages I might send out if he walks on the lot).

If a licenced lawyer is convicted of manslaughter, would I be right in guessing that he would be disbarred and never re-admitted?

And while I am at it, I understand that in the 1940s there was the Crime of Passion defence - would he walk on the manslaughter charge too in this event?

Thanking you all in advance.

*trying to hinder a plot spoiler here.

EDIT: When I say he beats the murder rap because of her threats to kill, I perhaps should have added that she had abused him and instilled enough fear in him that he would believe she would actually do it - and it turns out she was going to do exactly that.


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