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Illegal Housing

Setting: Modern America. Specifically, on the outskirts of a big city, somewhat along the lines of Chicago, but I think I'm going to make an imaginary city just because I've never been there. Don't want to mess up details.

I am looking more for personal experiences than facts; I am certain all of these things could happen, I just want to know what the experience would be like. Tell me stories, preferably with lots of details! :)

One: So you're a seventeen-year-old girl, accompanied by your 11-year-old brother. You've got... maybe $100 on you; I figure with the right hotel (seedy enough to rent to them in the first place; not seedy enough that you have to risk being raped in your sleep), that means three nights, maybe?
a. Is this a possible number? I have no clue what prices would be like.
b. How much hassling are they likely to get at the check-in? And I'm talking... a dive, not the Hilton.

Two: The same two characters. Wanting to rent an apartment.
a. How hard is it going to be to find someone who will rent totally illegally? Without expecting sexual favors, or drugdealing, or something of that sort? It's also going to have to be fairly safe (Not neccessarily in a good neighborhood; I'd prefer the opposite), and the down payment can't be more than about $500 (I'm planning on them stealing in order to get that much, so it'd be difficult).
b. What kind of person is likely to rent this? Older, younger, any specific race... I'd already decided on a woman.
c. Where would they find out about an apartment like this? Newspaper? Possibly a sign saying 'apartment for lease' in the window?

Three: Thank you :)
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