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Survivalist/trecking gear

Searched:- All manner of survivalist type terms (OMFG! Lizard People run the planet!). All manner of 'who'd buy that?' variations.

Dear Little-Details. Thank you for your help previously. However, I must call on you again. The internet is great at telling me what is cheapest and what is best. What it can't seem to do is tell me what is hopelessly over-rated. In the right way.

I have a list. What I'm looking for, for each component, is the sort of item that denotes a newby. If the item was a car it would be something flashy, expensive - and poorly engineered. The sort of thing that you only know if you're in the industry or the lifestyle and have been for a while. For my purposes the object has to have been available at the middle of 2007. It can be old if an older item would fit in the style-over-substance stakes (though I imagine for most items newer will be equated as better). The items have to work reasonably well, they have been used a number of times so they can't be the sort of thing that always falls apart.

These things are for the sort of person you would drink with in a bar because you knew he would buy all the drinks. However, if you could do him a favour by giving him an easy heads up, you wouldn't (though you wouldn't let him die.) If there is nothing then the most expensive will do just as well.

Tent. (Must be rugged enough to survive a rainforest.)
Laptop/Notebook. (As above.)
Four By Four. (Hummer is a bit much. It can be a military vehicle.)
Rebreather. (this can be known for breaking down. In fact it would be a plus.)
Two scuba rigs one circa 2006, one older by a few years.
Any lights, rigs etc. that can be added to the four by four.
A knife (machete size.)

I'm not that interested in little bits of kit you must have. More the bigger items that can be used like status symbols. Money and travel to get hold of stuff is not a problem. This person regularly travels the globe.

Thank you in advance.
Tags: ~wilderness survival

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